Thursday, April 14, 2016

Arbitration declared bankrupt SU-155 –

The Moscow Arbitration Court declared bankrupt group of companies SU-155 at the request of the Bank of Moscow. On Thursday, 14 April, reports TASS with reference to the court’s decision.

The Arbitration noted that for more than three months, the debtor can not pay its creditors, and to restore its own solvency is not possible.

In April, Sberbank filed a lawsuit on bankruptcy SU-155. Similar statements sued Rosbank, a credit institution “Russian capital” and about 10 other creditors.

16:31 March 25, 2015

Who cuts “SU-155»

Large federal developer facing bankruptcy and change of owner

SU-155 became the first player in the history of the Russian construction market, which runs rehabilitation procedure, by analogy with the financial sector.

The Arbitration court of the Moscow region has introduced a procedure for monitoring in respect of the SU-155 in mid-March. The decision was made as part of the lawsuit the company “Russian business”, which is also asked to recognize the debtor bankrupt. The application was received by the Court on January 14 the developer owes the plaintiff 1.6 billion rubles.

The head of the bank “Russian capital”, which is the problem of the sanatorium SU-155 holding, Mikhail Kuzovlev in December said that the completion of residential buildings is not possible without developer’s bankruptcy proceedings.

at the beginning of September last year, it was reported that the SU-155 put up for sale its headquarters in Moscow to cover the debt.

The group SU-155 Moscow City Duma deputy Mikhail Balakina was on the verge of bankruptcy amid falling demand for residential property and a high debt load of about 20 billion rubles. Holding has a commitment to the 27 thousand shareholders. The funding unfinished holding on Sanatorium estimated at 39 billion rubles.

SU-155 is one of the largest construction companies in Russia, brings together more than 80 industrial enterprises and construction companies, annually delivers about 1.5 million square meters property.


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